There are many questions about sleep. At Bioax, we are going to give you the keys to a quality and restful sleep:

FOOD SUPPLEMENTS in all forms are offered to you, but be careful to respect some simple rules of life for more effectiveness.

Gummies, very fashionable at the moment, are the ideal alternative to capsules or tablets. 

There are also syrups for children, herbal teas or infusions, and even ampoules to drink to satisfy all your needs.

A little reminder about the different phases of sleep:

Light sleep: light, drowsy, vague, it corresponds to the phase of falling asleep

Deep sleep: slowed down brain activity, muscles completely relaxed, it often corresponds to the middle of the night.

REM sleep: also called dream phase. The body is in deep sleep, but the brain is active, the eyes may also be active.

Why is sleep useful:

  • Energy: to be in shape all day, a quality sleep, and long enough is essential.
  • Immunity: often sick, cold at the slightest change in temperature, allergies, dull skin, all signs that you do not sleep enough. Think about boosting your IMMUNITY.
  • Learning, concentration, memory: for children, teenagers, but also for adults, daily tasks that require concentration cannot be accomplished without quality sleep.
  • Metabolism
  • Overweight: people who work at night, for example, or with shifted schedules are more prone to weight gain.
  • Stress: managing a stress peak, avoiding stress-related discomforts: difficult to do without a good night's sleep. Discover our products to manage your stress: STRESS/ANTIOXIDANTS.
  • Toxins: yes, they are eliminated while we sleep.

Tips for quality sleep:

Time: 8 hours is ideal. Some people sleep less than others, depending on age, sex, pace of life ...

The quality: for a good sleep: avoid bright lights, screens before sleeping, noise.

Diet: light meals in the evening, no energy drinks like coffee, tea... Do not go to bed too early after eating. No alcohol or tobacco.

The nap: from a few minutes to 1/2 hour, it allows you to face the rest of the day.

The rhythm: Regular bedtime and wake-up time. Be sure to spot the signs of fatigue so as not to "miss the train". If you feel tired and yawn, it's time for your body to rest.

Physical activity allows you to fall asleep more quickly and to have a better quality of sleep, but you should avoid intense physical activity such as split training or HIIT before going to bed. Prefer moderate activities or in the late afternoon.

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